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For Your Home Watch and Estate Management NeedsTM



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Estate Management

EEM "Estate Management" Services works in conjunction with our "Home Watch" Services and was specifically designed for distinctive properties to provide clients with a more comprehensive oversight to their property. Whether you are residing in your home full time or have the convenience of traveling to and from the property as your schedule permits, we can tailor a wide-range of services to assist you in maintaining and overseeing all of your homes unique needs.

Property Oversight

Home Watch yard
  • Regularly Scheduled Property Inspections
  • Due Diligence Assessment

Home Maintenance

  • Annual Maintenance Calendar
  • Seasonal Preventative Maintenance
  • Self-Performing Work (Minor Repairs)

Vendor Services

  • Proper Vendor Selection
  • Scheduling of Service Calls & Repairs
  • Vendor Management
  • Key Holder

Emergency Protocols

  • Alarm Response
  • On Call Assistance
  • Security & Safety Procedures

Household Manuals

  • Home & Operational Systems
  • Housekeeping Procedures & Standards
  • Maintenance of Household Materials
  • Budgets/Expenses & Warranties

Inventory List

  • Household Art & Valuables
  • Food & Beverage Preferences
  • Home Products & Cleaning Supplies

Signature Services

(Please refer to the "Signature Services" section for a detailed description)

Home Watch yard
  • Arrival Preparation/Departure Closing
  • Mail & Package Assistance
  • Errand/Specialty Tasks
  • Automobile Exercise
  • Car Shuttles
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Snowbird Management

Consulting Services

  • Property Evaluations